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"Hurry to Play": my poem-drawing from REFUSE: A JOURNAL OF ICONOCLASMS, Issue #2

Hello, Beloved Readers! The cool people over at Incite Seminars have sparked off a new post-scholarly journal called REFUSE: A JOURNAL OF ICONOCLASMS. Oh, how I love the term "post-scholarly" and all (most?) of what it implies.

In their essay called "Antiwork and Overemployed," journal editor Natalia Smirnov ties together every entry in Issue #2 of REFUSE. Natalia writes, "If schizophrenia is the diagnosis for our outpouring excess, perhaps we can consider this issue as one small step toward Ursula Curiosa’s poetic prescription to 'shove Capital’s statute of madness back into its face' and then 'hurry to create communities of joy.'"

Read "Antiwork and Overemployed" here:

My contribution to Issue #2 is a poem-drawing called "Hurry to Play," as displayed above. It is available at this link, too:

Start at the journal's homepage to read the entirety of Issue #2 and the archived Issue #1, too:

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